Rotterdam, Netherlands
Vienna, Austria
Bench Imagined
Laurids Gallee

Bench imagined, for uncertain times

Q. What is your present state of mind?  
Laurids: To be honest, I absolutely love the current situation. I am enjoying that I'm forced to live life at a different pace. The current deceleration enables me to focus on things that I usually neglect. No one really knows what is going to happen in a week, all that matters is what is happening today. 

Right now one can just live moment by moment.

Q. Tell us about your piece from the exhibit
Laurids: For the show I decided to play on a piece i made a few months ago, a transparent resin bench. The design is aimed to have a strong body, through a clever construction, while highlighting it’s geometry through the transparency, in a quite punchy salmon orange color.
For the new piece I decided to make it even more transparent to feel more precious, faint almost and changed the color to blue which is said to have calming properties and expresse a certain security which I thought as fitting for these turbulent times.

Q. What does it mean to create or be creative at a time of uncertainty?
Laurids: I started to work with different media, I draw much more than I usually do and I’m enjoying all of it a bit more. I would say it had put me in a kind of hyper-creative state. My future work will definitely be greatly influenced by the way things are currently

companions / bench, Laurids Gallee & ‘Poe’, Serban Ionescu

Laurids Gallée

Laurids Gallée is an Austrian designer based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. From early childhood he was exposed to creative practices, and after briefly studying anthropology, he graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2015. He spent the following years learning different manufacturing techniques, as a craftsman in art and design production. In 2017 he started his own studio in Rotterdam; his work explores how traditional and folkloric elements enter modern materiality, always considering today’s advanced manufacturing processes to create a contemporary fusion.