Paris, France
Chrome Bench 00
Lea Mestres

Bench imagined, for uncertain times

Q. What is your present state of mind?  

Lea: I feel outside of time, outside of the daily concerns.

A strange holiday.

Q. Tell us about your piece from the exhibit
Lea: Chrome Bench 00 is a mix of a very strong material with a very soft shape. it is strange and contradictory like the times we are in, but also curious and hopeful like tomorrow.

Q. What does it mean to create or be creative at a time of uncertainty?
Lea: In this uncertain moment, where everything is a mess, the only thing that feels comfortable is to be able to build something with your hands, to have some sense of achievement.

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Lea Mestres

In Lea's work, line drawing gives the imagination a field of unlimited possibilities, it is an incomplete sketch, without real information - scale, color, material, or even perspective. In liberating moments, the objects evolve, an abstract line gives a general image, its interpretation is specific to each object it becomes. Two dimensionsional forms that materialize through an instictive process to become personalized objects.