Supertoys Supertoys
Cosmic Flower Table
Merle Flügge
Job Mouwen

Table imagined, for uncertain times

Q. What does it mean to create or be creative at a time of uncertainty? 
Merle & Job: We feel a strong influx of creativity in ourselves and a lot of people around us. Our design process has an edge of uncertainty and we actually need this chaos to tap into our creativity. 
Strange as it may sound, knowing that everybody is dealing with this same weirdness and uncertainty, and -

not knowing what tomorrow will bring is actually quite soothing.

Q. Tell us about your piece from the exhibit
Merle & Job: For this virtual exhibition we chose our Cosmic Flower Table. There is something elusive about an object crossing the border of the digital world into the real world and back into the digital world again. It is like the object becomes self-aware and drawn back into the multi-dimensional,  chaotic cosmos it came from. For this digital exhibition we kept its original shape, its cantaloupe color and its soapy appearance. It just wants to resemble itself, imagining itself in-between a table and a flower.

Q. What is your present state of mind?
Merle & Job: These are weird times but we always have been latent germaphobes, so we don’t quite feel like outcasts anymore! Nobody looking weirdly as we struggle to open a bathroom door with our elbows or try to wash our hands “hands in sleeves style”.  ;) 

companions / table, Supertoys Supertoys & bench, Lea Mestres
Supertoys Supertoys

Supertoys Supertoys consider themselves modern animists and see all things, objects, animals, people, planets as connected to one large network, where there is nothing that is necessarily more important or less important than anything else, where objects have a spirit of their own, where things enfold into themselves.
With their work they invite the viewer to rethink our ongoing entanglement of ‘being human through things’ to, rather, ‘being human among things’, where objects are designed for what they are and not what they are for. And where objects and things become co-protagonists of a bigger story of humanity with the centuries-old elusive existential question: who are we?

Supertoys Supertoys is a design duo formed by Merle Flügge and Job Mouwen, based in NL, with a focus on designing objects and furniture.