This project started with a letter between artists and a question “what if ?
Write a letter to share your thoughts, ask questions or collaborate.*

As an extension to our project, we invited submissions for ideas imagined during the quarantine.

Here’s a round up of our favorites ︎

Dream Destinations
Adriana Jaros + Teklan
London,UK - Stockholm, Sweden

Three Girls
Apoorva Raina
New Delhi, India

Granite Chair by the water
Peter Favinger
Brooklyn, USA

Pool Noodle
Sam Hunter
Newcastle, UK

Sam Klemick

"building fantasy worlds for my furniture"
Mike Newins
Durham, USA

Ball Soft
Aditya Mandlik
Mumbai, India

Incense Holders
Alper Nakri
Los Angeles, USA

Melvin Josy
Sydney, Australia

Ceremonia Music Box
Antonio I. Mendoza Bravo
Mexico City, Mexico

Imagined space
Marion Lim
Saint Etienne, France

Dhruv Agarwal
New Delhi, India

Colored blocks
Astha Patel
Chicogo, USA